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Neuroflexology is a new holistic techinque for switching on the body's own repair system.  Working on the Brachial and Sciatic Nervous system it reduces pain and inflamation.

Where there is inflamation on the spine, this blocks messages notifying the brain that this is a 'trauma site' which needs healing.  This site then becomes a problem area causing pain and discomfort which a person usually learns to either manage or live with.

By reducing the inflamation on main nerves of the spine, the body's messanger system then works efficiently allowing the body's own healing processes to take place.

Neuroflexology is the application of a technique used on the feet that concentrates on "runs" of nerves.

This treatment can also be carried out on the hands if for some reason you do not like your feet being touched or it is not possible to treat the feet.

Neuroflexology What is it
What can you Expect

I will work on areas of the feet that represent:

The spinal Nerves

The Brachial Nerves

the Sciatic Nerves

The Sacro-iliac Joint (Hip)

The Pelvis

The Autonomis Nervous System - Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous System

I will work on both feet systematically once this has been completed you will relax and I will note down any reations that you may be having, coldness, tingling and the areas that they are occuring as well as noting down anything that I may see like toes twitching etc.,  You may feel tired and not want to talk which is fine.  Once these sensations subside or cooled down the Healing cycle is initially complete this can take up to an hour to start with.

Please note though that the treatment continues to work over the next few days and up to a fortnight as adjustments are made and it is during this time than an exacerbation of symptons may occur.  after receiving this treatment you must rest and drink plenty of water and avoid doing anything strenuous for the rest of the day if the treatment is in the morning or afternoon.


Please see below feedback I received whilst training:

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Here's my feedback. Hope you find it useful. Lots of love 💕


I had 6 sessions of neuroflexology with Helen Hall and was surprised by how I felt during the sessions. There were many sensations I experienced. I felt sleepy, reflective, physically itchy and twitchy. I also noticed that I knew when the session had come to an end as I felt wide awake. Over the several sessions I also noticed I became more chatty and relaxed. The time I seemed to need reduced at each sitting.  Helen was very patient and gently allowed me to experience each session as it unfolded. It was as if I forgot everything during these sessions for a while and then found clarity. They say less is more and this was quite a profound and personal journey which was very pleasant. Thank you Helen.

“My course of neuroflexoloy treatment by Helen was carried out professionally and attentively.  I found the treatment helped my lower back pain, gave me a good night’s sleep after the session, and cleared my ears that had been blocked by a cold for six months. Thank you, Helen.  LP Canterbury, Kent.”

If there is anything further you would like to ask please  do not hesitate to contact me.

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